Current Exhibition

03/11/2023 - 05/01/2024
Yves DeCamps subvierte la realidad y nos abre una ventana a su bizarra interpretación de iconos pop.

Coming Soon

10/01/2024 - 10/04/2023


“Everything that is not extreme bores me.” This is the title of one of the works that we have the pleasure of exhibiting in the individual exhibition of the Belgian artist “Yves Decamps” entitled “Normalicide” and which will remain in our space until January 5, 2024.

We couldn't feel more identified with that title in 3 Punts. Really, everything that is not extreme bores us supremely.

  “Virtue is an acquired voluntary disposition, which consists of a middle term between two bad extremes, one due to excess and the other due to defect,” said Aristóteles. We are not going to contradict the famous Greek philosopher, but everyone is as they are and we find the normal, the moderate, the mediocre unbearable. The same must happen to the painter Yves Decamps and that is why his works seduced us as soon as we saw them (love at first sight).

We show 30 paintings in the exhibition, all of them are small format portraits, except one large format, made in acrylic on canvas and where a series of men, women and even a cactus are shown portraying their sweetest, angriness, distraught expressions, kissing, hypnotics, etc. In all these works the presence of excessive teeth in every sense is a common factor that acts as the formal guiding thread of the exhibition. We could have titled the exhibition “teeth” but it seemed too obvious to us and on the other hand we liked the artist's proposal “normalicide” as much as his works.

In a world full of alarming and contradictory news, biased, terrible, ridiculous, etc. The most practical option is to keep things distant and relatively cynical. An equidistant position necessary to maintain sanity. The problem of remaining in that state is that it produces a certain global uniformity, a uniformity of the people who are not directly involved in the events that this news narrates and who keep our normality very well guarded and protected "under seven keys" as it was kept. the treasure in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.

We are not going to discover here what Yves' physical appearance is or what his usual behavior is. It would not make sense since those characters portrayed in his works could also maintain a “normal” expression. The interesting thing is knowing the extreme facial expressions that we all make, but only in privacy and in front of a mirror and why we do it.

In this exhibition, it is very important to pay attention to the title of each work, as they complete the viewer's understanding and in almost all cases make us smile if not outright laugh.

We sincerely recommend that you come and see the exhibition, and if you cannot come, that you see the works on our website. We recommend it, because we who spend many hours surrounded by these endearing monsters have the experience and know that they are excellent company that makes our daily lives more fun and improves our mood daily.

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