Rodrigo Romero

  • Rodrigo Romero - Salvaje
    Resina, Pintura, Ferro, Bamboo i PLA
    170 x 50 x 50 cm.
    Resina, Pintura, Hierro, Bamboo y PLA
    170 x 50 x 50 cm.
    Resina, Pintura, Hierro, Bamboo y PLA
    170 x 50 x 50 cm.
    Resin, Paint, Iron, Bamboo and PLA
    170 x 50 x 50 cm. / 66.9 x 19.6 x 19.6 inches
  • Rodrigo Romero - Mario
    Resina acrílica, ferro i pintura.
    198 x 150 x 90 cm.
    Resina acrílica, hierro y pintura.
    198 x 150 x 90 cm.
    Resina acrílica, hierro y pintura.
    198 x 150 x 90 cm.
    Acrylic resin, iron and paint.
    198 x 150 x 90 cm. / 77.9 x 59 x 35.4 inches.

CV - Biography: 

Rodrigo Romero Perez
Madrid, 31 January 1978

- Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013 from the University
Complutense of Madrid in the specialty of Sculpture.
- Industrial Technical Engineer since 2003 by the University
Polytechnic of Madrid in the specialty of mechanics in
Machine building.
- Rodrigo Romero Perez is an artist who, through language
reflects on issues such as the environment,
our decision-making, the societies we create and our own
human nature.
He is also interested in processes and structures in
has made numerous artistic interventions in
public spaces within the field of urban art, in these
interventions, the artist delves into the concept of the work of
art as something unfinished, changing and sometimes ephemeral.
He has been Associate Professor of the Department of Sculpture
Facultad de Bellas Artes de Madrid de la U.C.M., Collaborator
Honorific of the Department of Sculpture of this Faculty and
High school teacher.
In May 2016 I made the bronze monument "Reconstruction"
tribute to the woman for the Memory Park of Sartaguda,
Navarre and that same year made the bronze monument "Ariadne"
tribute to the Marathon of The Tales of Guadalajara, which
located in the Davalos Square of that city.
He has participated in numerous competitions and exhibitions both within
outside Spain and his works can be seen in collections
public and private.


- 2020, October, 2nd Sculpture Prize at the XII Competition
Transforming you from the Caja Rioja-Bankia Foundation with the work " A
the entomologists of the future".
- 2020, October, First Prize for Sculpture in the 14th Prize
Sculpture City of Badajoz with the work "Future".
- 2018, November 16, First Prize of Sculpture in the 12th
City of Badajoz Sculpture Award.
- 2018, 2 March, First Finalist of the "53 Reina Sofia Award
Painting and Sculpture 2018". Exhibition at the Casa de Vacas del Buen
Retreat from Madrid from March 2 to 18, 2018
- 2018, January 23, Rodrigo Romero, one of the five winners of the
National Competition "Tuenti Urban Art Project "Exhibition in
Urvanity from 21 to 25 February 2018. Colegio Oficial de
Architects of Madrid.
- 2017, October 27th Santiago de Santiago Sculpture Award with
the work "Las Parcas" in the "84 Autumn Salon" Spanish Association
of Painters and Sculptors. Casa de Vacas, Buen Retiro Park,
- 2018, from 3 to 6 May, participation in the Fair
International Context Art New York, Pier 94
- 2017, from 19 to 29 October. Participation in the Festival of
Arte Intramurs 2017. Urban Intervention formed by three
figurative sculptures located in streets of Valencia.
- 2017, October 23. Award for the Best Urban Intervention in the
Toledo Rocket Festival with the play "Darwin is watching you"
installation by different parts of the city
of 10 scale busts of Charles Darwin
-2017, 25 September. First Prize for sculpture with the work
"The Origin of Species" in the VI edition of the contest
EscombrArte organized by AR los Huertos. Segovia.
- 2017,28 July. Honorable mention at the Biennial "Arte no
Morrazo" with the work "S.T.T.L" of the series Europe.
- 2017, 2 February. Access in the competition for the realization
of the Complutense Medal for Sports Merit.
-2015, July, "Ariadne" winning proposal for the
drawing up a sculpture that pays tribute to the "Marathon of
Tales" of Guadalajara through the figure of Bella
Sleeper and who will be installed in the Davalos Square of Bliss
- 2015, 15 March, First prize in the competition for the
making a sculpture Homage to the woman in the Park of
the Memory of Sartaguda with the sketch "Reconstruction".
- 2014, 11 December, medal "δημοκρατία" (democracy),
First Prize of the Design Competition of the Faculty Medal
of Political Science and Sociology of the U.C.M.

- Collection of the painter Odd Nerdrum.
- Monument "Reconstruction in the "Memory Park" of
Sartaguda, Navarra.
- Monument "Ariadne" tribute to the "Story Marathon" of
- Drawing Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid.
- C.O.I.T.I.M (Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers
of Madrid).
- Luis de Morales Museum of the City of Badajoz.
- Private collections.
- AR Los Huertos.